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enterprises'," said ●the premier in the government work report. For workers laid off because of capacity cuts, the ce●ntral and local governments will allocate special funds and take measures to ensure they find new● jobs, Li said. CHANGSHA, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- Nine people have been killed in an explosion in a coal mine in c◆entral China's Hunan Province. The entrance of Zubao Coal Mine where a blast occurred is s◆een in Lianyuan City, central China's HunaO

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n Province, Feb. 14, 2017. At least eight people we◆re confirmed dead after the blast hit the coal mine at 1:37 a.m, local authorities s9







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m. Tuesday at Zubao Coal Mine in Lianyuan◆ City, authorities said.A total of 29 people were working underground, 16 of whom managed to ◆escape from the shaft. Another four were rescued.Three injured miners are being treated in ho◆spital and described as stable.Work is co0


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